Layer2 Solution & Edtech

What is Layer2?

Layer 2 blockchain technology is usually mentioned as an “off-chain” solution. Its main purpose is to scale blockchain transaction capacity keeping the decentralization benefits of a distributed protocol intact and undisturbed.

How Does Layer 2 Blockchain Works?

The implementation of layer 2 in blockchain shall help immensely in achieving scalability.

To build an untampered blockchain ecosystem, we’d like a couple of things within the architecture to achieve data security, decentralization, and scalability. Layer 2 blockchain technology systems are has Ethereum as a base layer of security and finality.

How Layer 2 Works With Edtech?

Layer 2 platforms and protocols process data during a way that decreases the burden the bottom layer (root…

Role of Blockchain in Knowledge Economy

Knowledge economy has its never ending role in defining the economy. Most of the modern economists and analysts during their research concluded that knowledge has a direct function towards the production.

The knowledge economies recognizes production as an important factor in defining “knowledge based economies”, which emphasizes on production, distribution and use of knowledge.

Growth of Knowledge Based Enterprises

Numerous online platforms such as LinkedIn have been trying to reduce the gap between producers, human workforce and economies. Bridging the gap between knowledge workers and prospective employers by allowing them to use the platform for connections is one such use case.

Such knowledge based enterprises…

The current global education system is deeply flawed and vulnerable and tampering. Such flaws and vulnerabilities have reduced the trust and effectiveness of existing assessment and certification systems which is the foundation of the education system.

To overcome such flaws and loopholes, an independent, decentralized assessment and certification system is required. This led to the inception of EQUATE, to equally empower the users and restore their trust and transparency in the system.

EQUATE is a decentralized skill assessments platform that leverages blockchain technology by securing assessments at protocol and infrastructure level, creating a pervasive data ecosystem through the strategic application…

The global education technology market size was valued at USD 76.4 billion in 2019 and is expected to grow to USD 289.1 Billion at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 18.1% from 2020 to 2027. Digitization is increasingly penetrating the education sector with technologies used to deliver education, skills, and knowledge in new and creative techniques. Skills, examination scores and grades are the current parameters to judge any student or educational personnel. Any tampering with the records may lead to manipulation and biased results and outcomes. While dealing with such numbers and growth parameters, there is a need of…

BrainChain technologies, a Delhi based start-up, started its journey in early 2017 and was incorporated on 15th Feb 2018 with a vision to transform the Global Education System. The global education system had room for improvement for conducting fair examinations and skills assessments. However, despite the opportunity, lack of available technology to help forge trust among various stakeholders and scalability prohibited development of a viable disruptive solution. With the emergence of Bitcoin and more specifically Blockchain, it was now possible to have an independent, de-centralized and transparent technological solution to the problems/unethical practices in skills assessment. …

An Indian has been making headlines in the International Blockchain community by bagging a number of awards and international honours.

Who is this person?

Mr Madhur Prabhakar. Founder and CEO of EQUATE Platform made headlines for receiving The High Standing ‘Hind Rattan Award’ for Social Contributions in the field of Education. Mr Prabhakar’s most recent venture EQUATE Platform strives to remove corruption and manipulation from the current examination and educational set up. …

In the current word scenario, education is in a precarious condition. Since it is a commodity that cannot be quantified easily, corruption and quality compromise are rampant. Education today has become more diversified than ever, with a large number of private institutions and organizations thronging the scene. Such trends have put the authenticity of skill assessments under question, and the trust in certification and proof of learning has taken a hit.

In order to ascertain a person’s credentials in the field of his or her assessment, Blockchain is one revolutionary technology that provides us with a breakthrough solution to all…

Equate Platform

Equate is a Decentralized Skills Assessments and Monetization Platform

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